Thursday, 18 October 2012

Welsh Notebooks

We've been planning on printing some notebooks for a long time, and we've finally got around to printing some! We've had trouble sourcing suitable notebooks in the past, but we managed to find these recycled A6 notebooks with a screen-printable cover.

There are four Welsh notebooks available at the moment. The most popular one at the moment is our 'Llyfr Syniadau' notebook (this means 'Idea Book' in Welsh), we should be printing up an English version in the next couple of weeks. We've also printed up our version of the Caernarfon Welsh blanket pattern. the Welsh alphabet and a 'Llyfr Nodiadau' (this means 'notebook'), this one has a space for you to add your name on the cover. All of our printed notebooks have 32 blank pages inside.

We are really exited about expanding our stationery range over the next few months.


Fiona said...

Rili licio'r llyfra 'ma!
Dwi'n meddwl bydd rhaid i mi brynnu rhai - Syniad gwych ar gyfer y Nadolig hefyd.
x x x

perisandcorr said...

Hi Fiona

Glad you like the notebooks we dropped some off in Lotti & Wren yesterday, we will also be selling them at the Glynllifon Christmas Fair! Jen.